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Let us come together…

19 Jun

Very few things bring my heart rate up…running after a loose toddler in a store, church issues, and race discussions are probably about it. It pretty much always stirs something within me to want to scream. Think Kim, circa late 1990’s baseball field when my brother was pitching and we had a poor umpire…its not pretty.

But here’s the deal- racism isn’t just a “white” issue. It’s a people issue…I would say an American issue but since I’ve not gotten over my phobia of traveling to other countries because I’ll get sick and throw up we will just stick to people issue. Essentially everyone has race issues.

Here are a few Let Us items:

  • Let’s drop race when we describe people – you don’t tell me what color shirt they are wearing so why is the color of skin important? If it doesn’t matter in the story then don’t mention it…
  • Let’s drop race in our humor – one race isn’t more lazy, one race isn’t more entitled, one race isn’t taking all the jobs, one race isn’t inherently better at technology…did i cover everyone?
  • Let’s instead love one another with brotherly affection. (Rom. 12:9-10) Don’t just say it….do it. Come along side someone who is struggling, if it happens to be of another race awesome then have some real conversations about race issues.
  • Let’s talk about real statistics the kind that can put you at ease about profiling others as criminals. Yes, you should be concerned when you walk alone in the dark towards your car…you’re alone in the dark, you are vulnerable! But if you encounter two people along the route don’t assume that the one of the same race as you doesn’t have ill intentions just like you don’t have to assume someone of the other race is only there to commit a crime.
  • Let’s try our best to not sensationalize the news…or if we do read/listen to such sensationalized stories that we get the facts before discussing or, goodness, posting to social media.
  • Let’s not assume something and slap it on everyone of that race okay? It doesn’t work that way, it benefits no one. Don’t assume I am happy with the way race relations are in America. Don’t assume I don’t see things that need to be changed. Don’t assume you know how it feels to be of a different race either because you don’t. Your glasses are always tinted based on history-more importantly your history. Not the history written about in books. No, the history of your parents and yourself! How your parents reacted to say the Civil Rights Movement affects how you react today to Ferguson or Charleston. What in your history has made a positive or negative impact on race relations on your life? If you love me and my family I pray that Wee-wood 3 has made an impact and that you’ve dealt with some feelings of your own. I pray that if his sisters bring home a black boyfriend you embrace him and say don’t hurt her heart just like you would if she had brought home a white, asian, or other boyfriend.
  • Let’s agree that racism is a sin issue not just a cultural issue. Sin issues have lasting effects…for generations…until the earth is purified by fire (2 Peter 3:10-13), we will never escape sin issues. In this, please agree that nothing I can do can make restitution for what my ancestors did, which some weren’t even in the country during the time slavery was going on in the U.S.; therefore, don’t look to me as if I personally owe you something because I have nothing to give to make the situation better except acknowledging it is a broken sinful world and I’m trying my best to put pieces together as best as I can.  Yes, I acknowledge I have benefitted unknowingly from being born white just like I have benefitted from being born a woman. However, I cannot get mad that I wasn’t born a man I just have to deal with the fact I am a woman. This was very evident for me when I was daily working in the labs. Women are highly underrepresented so yes I may have gotten perks from being a woman in the sciences but I dealt with a lot of people also thinking I wouldn’t hack it.

I know they’re are plenty of people who have lots of time to post all these “studies” that say this or that. I don’t have time for that. Daily, I take care of 4 children. Because of some choices we have made I have to devote myself to looking into homeschool curriculum, studying my Bible, studying church trends…I wish I could spend time researching race relations, but until I do have that time let me tell you the best research is done one on one. Part of the reason I don’t is because getting unbiased data on all fronts is nearly impossible….its like the GMO debate. Oh mercy, my head hurts trying to unpack it all. You know what I have learned?  Having those awkward conversations with people often times turns out not so awkward.

Let’s all admit we have some work to do. And TOGETHER LET US do it! Let us listen to the words of Lecrae who is working hard to improve race relations.