Come into his presence with thanksgiving in your heart and give Him praise

1 Oct

You know the song because you are probably still humming the next line but did you know it’s scripture?

Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise! Ps 95:2

If you knew the song you probably could thank some worship/music pastor. This month is Pastor Appreciation month and while I would say we have too many holidays to honor everyone-because we all need to feel honored- (look up daughters day-we can’t even agree when it is) I feel that too often we forget our pastors. Especially those who aren’t the senior pastor or main teaching pastor each week. Please don’t think that comes off sounding bad from some jaded pastor’s wife but I have to say looking at our 8+ years in ministry its been the norm. I’m not doing this as a pity party because I’m thankful at the places God has allowed us to minister, I’m thankful for the notes (they’re probably all still in my possession), I’m thankful for the gift cards or checks that have come during times of need…or sometimes just times of blessings. But as the woman who sifts through this with the man of my dreams and someone willing to say hey this is a glimpse of the other side, I know he needs your encouragement.

So I’ll talk about ways you can encourage your Worship Pastor/Music minister today:

  1. Respect his position– Simply put respect his education. These days they need the same seminary degrees as a teaching pastor. So please, unless he wants to be called a choir director- don’t insult him with that term, he does so much more than that. (Thanks choir directors-I couldn’t do what you do)
  2. Respect his time– Arrive to practice on time and prepared! He’s more than likely been there all day and could’ve ran sheet music off ahead of time if needed. Just a note from the wifey side: when you are late to practice just know I’m wrestling 4 kids who want to see their daddy, and its past their bedtime, and I probably want ice-cream, and I definitely need a shower!
  3. Respect “his” time on Sunday– Arrive to service on time. Treat it as you would a wedding or meeting with your boss. Worship is much more important than those events and I don’t know if you have read what is currently happening in heaven but its not standing around “fellowshipping”, its worship. Now my husband wouldn’t phrase it his time like I did, but it’s what he has spent the majority of his week doing…planning, practice, set up, practice, lights, sound, practice.
  4. Enjoy worship- Act like you are excited to be there. You can show this by participation (in your seats for those who can’t sing a tune), smile, stand, raise your hands, allow the music to say what your heart may not always be able to express. I understand not everyone enjoys singing but unless you only ever listen to talk radio you probably do enjoy some type of music.
  5. Watch your tongue- remember he has worked hard to do what he does so gentle criticism and kind words go a long way. Yes, you may not get your southern gospel quartet every month but once a quarter or so may be feasible. This is also where you can silently have his back…he doesn’t ever have to know that you are helping put out fires for him so if you are able to redirect some harsh words from another- he’d appreciate it!
  6. Engage him outside of music- his world revolves around music but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have other interests. Find out what they are and build a relationship outside of music…especially if music ain’t your thang…or maybe you are the sound guy, married to the pianist and always at their house doing stuff…you will need something other than music to talk about!
  7. Serve- he can always use new help, people to help bounce ideas off, sound guys, people to make sure the platform looks nice before practice or service, etc etc. Remember if there was an event in the sanctuary sat- it probably falls on the worship guy to get it set for Sunday service. Wifey note #2: that means he’s there earlier than usual and lifting things he probably could use help with.
  8. Gifts- if you feel led, go for it, I’m sure it wouldn’t be turned down. But just be careful about music because it is their life they may already own it….same is true if he’s an avid reader-check to make sure they don’t have it already. My husband may or may not have been given the same book 3 times one year! He appreciated it each time and those who gave it are dearly beloved by our family.
  9. Love their family- may I be selfish for a moment…help out the wife and kids. As with the other pastors wife’s we often get the kids ready for church alone so any help wrangling a few kids from the parking lot to their class is much appreciated. Remember that our kiddos spend lots of time at work, practice times, and “visiting daddy” (i.e. family work day). Also please remember to not critique the worship service in front of my kids. Save it for the chinese buffet…or better yet just know that next week it will be different and maybe you will enjoy the song selection more (because it’s all about us right?).

Please note a good bit of sarcasm throughout all my writings. I know its often hard to tell is she being really critical or sarcastic. Bottom line…let us show some respect to our music guy. I have vested interest in you doing so.


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