Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path

12 Oct

Did you sing those words? I did!

So I think I’m going to do my first ever series this week. The past couple of years I’ve really noticed how Biblically illiterate we are…I’m included. Now, I know that’s a general statement because some people can tell you the reference for anything in the Bible but most of us can’t. Sadly, most of us don’t even read it every day.

Please know I am not here passing judgement as a stay at home mom who eats bonbons all day and has plenty of time for reading my Bible because I struggle just as much today (probably more so today) as when I was working full time, or as much as I did in college, or even way back in the high school days. You always think oh when this stage ends it will get better…our time is just like our money if not managed well it flies right out of our possession! So let’s just be honest with each other it is hard to be disciplined in the area of reading and memorizing God’s word.

This all came about through a few different sources. About 18 months ago, I read Women of the Word by Jen Wilkins which challenged me, I did a few bible studies: Angie Smith’s Seamless, and Kristin Schmucker’s Psalm 119 are just two examples but it shows how important it is to be in the Word. Our pastor is currently doing a series on the text of scripture. I’m enjoying hearing how it was canonized, truth, reliability etc. He even touched on the Dead Sea Scrolls which is something I remember from my days teaching Kelly Minter’s Nehemiah study.

There is a grand plan in all this and I just felt like sharing some things that convicted me and what steps can be taken to right them. It’s my desire to cherish his Word much more than I do. Maybe you can lend a listening ear, tell me I’m not the only crazy one, or offer advice on how to better do something.


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