How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your Word

16 Oct

The last issue I wanted to address when talking about God’s Word is how we often use a secondary source- a quote from a person, something an author wrote, etc to be equal or better than God’s Word. We take those little nibbles of wisdom and feel as though we don’t need the Bible.

I’m guilty, I do this regularly. I’ll post something from a book I read instead of posting scripture. And don’t think I mean posting scripture to just post scripture to social media but why can’t I use both the quote and scripture together. As long as the scripture is in good context! I successfully did this the other day. I was reading a book about motherhood and used a verse from Isaiah. It was linking the worship we do in motherhood to heaven…maybe a stretch but I’ll leave you to judge.

Basically, I’m saying work scripture into conversations and such…and don’t feel that because you loved a quote from a book you’ve had a spiritual moment…its not the same thing. If I enjoy a cup of coffee it doesn’t equal the cup of coffee that I enjoy with my husband. Let’s consider the source and esteem it more highly than the quotes we love from books!

I hope this week we’ve been able to discuss the importance of scripture and how we need to take disciplined steps to be better disciples of Christ. So what has worked for you this week? Been convicted of the similar things concerning his Word?


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