This is not a test

22 Oct

Ever have a season in your life where you are fighting hard for something but know it will eventually end…I remember potty training as that way. You can’t just give up for a few hours and run to Target and ignore the toddler insisting on going potty. If you do, you will undoubtedly be at the checkout with wet undies and pants and a tad bit of embarrassment! Or maybe you are raising a child with a food allergy- you read labels, ask questions but thankfully one day the child too will take over this job! One day long after they move out your home can have Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups once again.

Right now, I’m battling ants. I cannot let my guard down. I accidentally did last Sunday. I came home to what looked like the beaches filled at Spring Break but it was ants on pancake syrup. Gimme a break, we were running late to church! Needless to say I paid dearly for that lapse of cleanliness on my part.

In many ways our spiritual life is like this. You should fervently fight against sin like I battle those pesky ants, potty train that child, or look for allergens. However, this doesn’t end. We cannot take a break. TobyMac has a song out called “This is Not a Test”. I encourage you to go listen to it. One part of the song says “We gonna move, live every second Make it count for you.” It talks about having only one shot and going till we got nothin’ left and it being the real thing.

Such a great song but it sums up how I feel about the spiritual endurance we need to be striving towards. Let us press on as Phil 3:14 says with the end of Revelation 21 in mind.

So in what ways are you in the Spiritual fight? Bible study, scripture memorization, faithful church member, discipleship, prayer….? What are your weapons and how do you see it as a daily fight? Have you ever given up for a time?


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