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Love Unending

15 Nov

Sometimes I get the privilege to read a book before its out! It’s such fun- but seriously I love anytime I get to read. The latest book that I’ve gotten to read is Love Unending by Becky Thompson. I read her book Hope Unfolding earlier in the year and it was a delight.

So here are the details: it’s a marriage book, chapters are in the range of 10 pages so its doable with those mommas who have young kiddos, multiple jobs, lack of time-so basically all of us. I wouldn’t say it only applies to mothers with young kids. It’s set up with a 21 day challenge. Each day you get a challenge, time to reflect, and pray. It is fun because you get to anticipate your husbands reaction and then go back and evaluate how it went. Sounds like a fabulous idea right?! I mean I did those things in college…WAAAAAYYYYY back in the day. Some days I have to remind myself there was a time before I was a stay at home mom wiping tushies, playing diner and homeschool momma.

So here’s the deal- it’s available for pre-order on amazon. Seriously, whats more fun than mail…I mean this is cheap mail not medical bill from your son’s hospital stay oh say 6 months ago. But for real- it’s currently $8.92 with prime. Why are you still here? Jump over to amazon and purchase it….then come back and tell me you did. I just like to know- I mean maybe I’ll look and see if I see changes in your marriage too.

I tend to start each year with a marriage book-just kinda happens. But I think I’ll reread this again then. So if you want to join me in Jan 21 days of marriage challenge lets do this!