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Talking With God is good!

25 Apr

Prayer is one of those things in the Christian life that we all say we know we need, but, if we are honest, we all struggle with.  That is why we need books like Talking With God.  I was very pleased with this book.  It is a subject that I am always seeking to improve in my life, and this book had some valuable insights into steps to take to improve it.  I really appreciate how incredibly practical the book is.  The book is very conversational in its approach, and therefore, it is very accessible as well for anyone seeking to grow their prayer life.  I love what he wrote on page 35 where he says, “I don’t need to be uptight and serious when I pray.  Yes, it’s good to have a healthy reverence of and respect for God. But you don’t have to be emotionless or somber. There’s no need to practice our prayers before speaking them. God is abundantly loving and gracious. It isn’t a sin to smile or laugh when we’re speaking with God.”  So true and so freeing.  I would strongly recommend this book to all believers young and old.