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Who knew there was so much to learn about peppers?

4 Nov

Peppers of the Americas is a fantastic book!  This was my first cookbook that I have received from Blogging For Books, and I have been very happily satisfied.  First off, this is an incredibly informative book about the many varied types of peppers found in the Americas and all of their various uses.  The entire first half of the book consists of the history and origin of hundreds of peppers that are found in cuisine across North and South America today.  The second half of the book is filled with wonderful recipes that make use of many of the peppers described in the first half.  We have already tried several of the recipes in the book.  My personal favorite is the slab bacon in Hibiscus hot pepper adobo found on page 321.  It was a winner with my family as well.  The recipes are easy to follow and the ingredient lists are prominent and easy to read.  I would strongly recommend this cook book to anyone who loves to cook and add a little spice toothier life.