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Who knew?

23 Aug

I had no idea that there was so much that went into making seemingly simple things happen every day.  The Physics of Everyday Things was an eye-opening experience for me.  I have what I consider to be a somewhat scientific mind, and yet I was blown away at all of the physics that happen to make an alarm clock work, an elevator take me up, my information to be stored “in the cloud”, or to make my LED television work.  This book, while it does have some very technical language at times, never felt over my head. It was incredibly informative and very interesting.  I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to figure out how and why things work the way they do.


What a GREAT resource!

25 Jul

Roadfood is such a great resource for any time that you might be traveling anywhere by car.  We have already used it a couple of times as we traveled to visit family, and we were not disappointed.  The way that the book is divided into regions of the country makes finding a place close to your travel route very accessible.  We were also surprised to find that we were already familiar with several of the restaurants found in the book.  We wholeheartedly agree with them being a part of the list.  I would enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone who loves to travel off the beaten path and anyone who loves food.

I learned so much

30 May

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is a student of American history, but I would also recommend it to anyone else for that matter.  There was so much that I didn’t know about this saga in our American past.  I had heard of Geronimo and of the struggle for control of the American Southwest, but I had no idea of the many stories that played into that whole era of United States history.  Paul Hutton does a masterful job of painting the scenes in this book.  It is engaging and a complete page-turner.  I simply couldn’t put it down once I began.  Do yourself a favor and go pick up this book.

Talking With God is good!

25 Apr

Prayer is one of those things in the Christian life that we all say we know we need, but, if we are honest, we all struggle with.  That is why we need books like Talking With God.  I was very pleased with this book.  It is a subject that I am always seeking to improve in my life, and this book had some valuable insights into steps to take to improve it.  I really appreciate how incredibly practical the book is.  The book is very conversational in its approach, and therefore, it is very accessible as well for anyone seeking to grow their prayer life.  I love what he wrote on page 35 where he says, “I don’t need to be uptight and serious when I pray.  Yes, it’s good to have a healthy reverence of and respect for God. But you don’t have to be emotionless or somber. There’s no need to practice our prayers before speaking them. God is abundantly loving and gracious. It isn’t a sin to smile or laugh when we’re speaking with God.”  So true and so freeing.  I would strongly recommend this book to all believers young and old.

Walking On Water

2 Jan

I received a copy of “Walking On Water” by Madeleine L’Engle having never read anything by her, but knowing of the impact that her “A Wrinkle In Time” had had.  I was pleasantly surprised by this book.  I love L’Engle’s approach to the idea of creativity and art in conjunction with Christianity.  The wholistic view that she takes in refreshing.  As a worship pastor, I am always looking for different and better ways to be creative and ways to inject creativity into our worship services, and I have been both challenged and convicted by L’Engle’s words found here.  I love what she says on page 123, “When we take ourselves too seriously, as the chief or only object of God’s interest, then we fail to understand the magnitude of his love and concern for us.”  These words are so true! We so often, as Christians, try to be as somber and stoic as possible, and we fail to explore the depths of the creativity that God has woven into creation.

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone!

“Hello, Bicycle” is super informative and very practical

20 Sep

As someone who is an avid bicyclist I was intrigued by this book “Hello, Bicycle”.  I am always looking to improve my cycling and find tips and tricks to make me faster and ride longer.  On the surface, this book is very elementary.  However, when you dig into it there is tons of really great information.  This book is truly for anyone from those who are just beginning an interest in bicycling to someone who has been riding for decades.  I was especially excited about the several recipes for pre and post ride food.  I cannot wait to try some of them.  I would recommend this book whole-heartedly to anyone who is looking to learn more about bicycling.

Messy Grace is enough for messy situations

31 Aug

I requested this book originally because I was intrigued by a book that had a forward by Kyle Idleman, but I have been pleasantly surprised by what else I found once I began reading.  Learning Caleb’s story was interesting to say the least, but to see how God has used his experiences to mold him into the person he is now was fascinating.  I, for one, have been captivated over the past few years by the idea that as Christians we must be willing to be involved in messy conversations in order to reach people with the gospel.  I think that Caleb does an incredible job of reinforcing this idea in my mind.  While I do not completely agree with everything that he says in the book, I do completely appreciate his work to stay as true to Scripture as possible.  This is a great book for church leaders to read in order to begin to understand how to start conversations with members of their communities who struggle with same-sex attraction.  This is a great book for church members to read for the exact same reason.  We must get past the paralyzing fear of awkwardness and begin to engage those around us with the gospel.