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Hey now this is my desire: consume like a fire cause I just want something beautiful to touch me…

7 Aug

Do you ever have one of those days where you just feel like you can’t do anything?  I’m not talking about being sick and not wanting to move kind of thing, but rather when you just feel “blah” like you can’t get motivated and you are just in a funk.  Yeah well that is me today.  I had to have an extended time with the Lord and I began to feel encouraged, and then I listened to the song that todays’ blog comes from.  That is so where I am right now.  I need “something beautiful to touch me.”  Actually, I need Someone beautiful to touch me.  I need the hand of God today.  I want to be so caught up in Him that the troubles of this life will fade away into the background of focusing on Him.  I know that He loves me and I know that He desires for me to have joy, but sometimes it is so hard to feel that and not get lost in the circumstances around me.  There are simply times when I need to be reminded that God is truly sovereign over me and that He loves me.  I know that the Christian life is not about my feelings.  It is not about how much I feel loved or anything like that.  God’s unfailing love and grace are not conditional upon my emotions.  However, you know as well as I do that there are days when it is hard to continue.  There are giants of the faith throughout Scripture that struggled with knowing if God was there or not.  I am not questioning God’s presence in my life.  I am simply asking for an extra measure of grace today as I am feeling bogged down in the brokenness of this fractured world I am traveling through.

Can you relate?  Do you have days where in your heart of hearts you have no doubt of God’s presence, but emotionally you are struggling?  I am being encouraged this morning that God wants to hold me tight as His flood of grace and mercy crash over me, and I pray that you will be also.


While I’m waiting…

30 Aug

If you have kept up with this blog for any amount of time, then you know that we are in a season of waiting to find what the next step in ministry will be for our family.  It has been a tough summer for us to go through, but it has been a great summer at the same time.  I hope that makes sense.  While it stinks to be unemployed and not having a permanent church home to serve in, it has also been an incredible growing experience for both me (He-wood) personally and our family as a whole.  I have come to a better understanding of who God is and how He provides for His children.  I have come to a better understanding of the fact that I do not have to know what the next step is ahead of time, because God already knows what that step is.  And ultimately He has my good in mind.  Now I also understand that my understanding of what “good” means is not necessarily the same as God’s understanding of what “good” means.  To say it another way, humanly speaking, good usually means that I am comfortable, happy, and independent, but in God’s economy good means that I am in a position that I can bring Him the most glory by being completely dependent on Him.  Needless to say, it has been an incredible summer.

This morning I have been greatly encouraged by both a psalm and by the words of Charles Spurgeon.  Psalm 27 is a great psalm of King David.  It begins with that great verse, “The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”  Such great words of encouragement.  But the psalm ends with a great promise and mindset that I plan on adopting in my own life.  Verses 13-14 read, “I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living! Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let you heart take courage; wait for the LORD!”  WOW!! What encouraging words especially when you consider that most scholars believe this psalm was written during the rebellion of David’s son Absalom.  I was greatly encouraged by these words this morning.

I also read through Spurgeon’s Morning by Morning as a part of my devotion time in the mornings.  Today was about waiting as well.  I can totally identify with his words.  Spurgeon writes, “There are hours of perplexity when the most willing spirit, anxiously desiring to serve the Lord, does not know what role to play.”  How true have these words been for me over the past couple of months?  I have such an incredibly strong desire to serve and be in a place where I can invest in the lives of people, but, as of yet, God has not revealed the place where I should do that.  It is somewhat frustrating at times.  However, I have resolved myself to a position that I had not phrased as Spurgeon did, but from now on I will say it this way. “Believe that if He keeps you waiting even until midnight, He will still come at the right time; the vision will come and not delay.” (I love his nod to the book of Habakkuk!)  I will wait “in prayer…with simplicity of soul…in faith…and in quiet patience.”

I know that God is good and that I am an object of grace for Him as one of His children.  And as the song says, “While I’m waiting, I will worship.”