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And it caught me by surprise…

22 Nov

So as you possibly know She-wood and I are in the process of adopting a child right now. We are at the point where we are simply waiting for the call. It is so stressful to wait. Everyone knows how hard it is to wait for something that you want so badly. It has stretched me to rely on Jesus to sustain me through the waiting. However, I know that it is going to happen on God’s timetable.

That being said, things took a great turn last night. We got a call from our social worker last night saying that there is a birthmother who fits into our criteria that is due just after the first of the year that she wants to show our profile to. It is incredibly exciting to think of the possibility of having a child in as little as five or six weeks! I can’t even begin to express all of the emotions and thoughts that are cycling through my mind even now over 12 hours later. I am in one moment elated, scared, hopeful, cautious, encouraged and prayerful.

I know that this does not definitively mean that this will be the child God has for us, but it most definitely took us by surprise. We covet your prayers as we move forward and desire that you covenant to support us in prayer. We will also accept financial support as we seek how God will lead us to financially do what He has called us to do. Thanks for reading our blog also.