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It’s all about love love love love love…

14 Feb

Being that it is Valentine’s Day I can’t help but think of the many things that I love.

I love my Savior!  Jesus is amazing when you think about Him.  (Who am I kidding, He is amazing all the time!)  I am totally blown away when I consider the love that was poured out for me at the cross.  To see the intersection of God’s holy hatred for sin and His unfailing love for sinners is altogether captivating, terrifying, and uplifting at the same time.  I love that I can approach Him at anytime that I need Him.  I can approach Him even when I don’t have a request.  I can approach Him when I simply want to be near Him.  God is breathtaking in His scope and unbelievable in His immanence!  I love you Jesus.

I love my wife!  God has blessed me with such an amazing wife!  I love She-wood completely.  She is my helpmate, my best friend, my support, and my partner.  I cannot imagine life without her.  We have been through so much together in almost 12 years of dating (including almost 7 years of marriage).  She makes me a better man.  The way we are able to glorify God together with our relationship, the way we manage our family, and the ministry we do together is a blessing for me to experience.  God is so good to let me enjoy her, and I do truly enjoy my wife.  Everything about her gives me joy from the way she tucks her bangs behind her ear to watching her teach our children.  I love my wife.

I love my kids!  Wee-wood 1 and Wee-wood 2 are the craziest kids I have ever met, but they are a constant source of fun and love.  I never knew that having kids could be both one of the most frustrating and fulfilling things in my life.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that having children is a huge God-given responsibility.  I love that Wee-wood 1 looks to me as her buddy!  The amount of emotion that wells up in me just thinking about that is great.  She loves me, and I am so grateful for that.  The way that Wee-wood 2 loves to cuddle and snuggle with me makes my day!  She is one of the most affectionate people I have ever met.  I cannot help but think of the little boy that God has for us as we are in the process of adopting.  I don’t even  know the little boy yet, but I know I will love him.  I so look forward to meeting the little man that God has for us.  Oh God you know that desire of my heart to meet him soon. I love my kids.

I love my church!  God has led us through a crazy past year in our lives both vocationally and ministerially.  However, looking back on the past year, it is blatantly obvious that God was guiding ever step in His amazing sovereignty to get us to where we are today.  I love the friendships we have built here and the minister that is taking place.  I love the heart of the rest of the staff for a proper mix evangelism and social justice.  I love that the people here love us and support us in many different ways.  I love that God has led us here.  I love my church.

What do you love?  Please let us know how God has blessed you and what you love today.


We Know Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is…

15 Apr

Last night we had an awesome experience at youth group here at Westside.  We are still working our way through Francis Chan’s The Forgotten God.  Last night was week four of the study and we asked the question, “Why do you want the Holy Spirit in your life?”  It was a great time of discussion about what the right and wrong motives are for wanting the Holy Spirit in your life.  These kids seem to have a good understanding of what the correct motives are.  It really is important that we question our motives in wanting the Holy Spirit.  There is one very right reason for wanting the Holy Spirit, and it is out of loving God and wanting to show the people around you that you love them.  However, there are several very wrong reasons to to want the Holy Spirit.  We can think that we are able to lead the Spirit into doing things that we want to do, but those things do nothing but serve our own interests.  I say this to get to the awesome portion of the evening.  In the book Francis explains that in order for us to truly experience the Holy Spirit in our lives we have to remove everything that keeps us from having an intimate relationship with God and with others.  We had a time of prayer and I opened the floor for people to confess or pray for each other.  God showed up in an amazing way!  It was slow to start, but once a couple kids shared some real struggles in their lives the floodgates were opened.  People were confessing things that they were struggling with, others were praying for those who were confessing, and others were comforting those who had confessed.  It was such a great time together.  God moved, and walls were broken down.  It has been my desire for so long for the kids to understand that we, as a youth group, are a community of believers, and it is our responsibility to lift each other up in prayer and encourage each other.  I think that it really was a breakthrough for the kids in the group.  The great thing is that if that wasn’t enough one of the guys came to talk to me after the service, and I was able to lead him to Christ!  God shows up in amazing ways when we least expect it.  It was such a great night!  I say all of this to encourage those who are struggling in ministry.  We have been struggling for a long time, and it was awesome that God is making Himself known!