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I’ve had choices since the day I was born

14 Dec

Oh how true that opening line of George Jones song is. I’ve actually never heard the song and just read the lyrics but they fit what I needed to write about today. For a long time I’ve known I would be a pastors wife but there’s something I need to confess. It’s nothing really but a stupid “blonde” moment. I’m not blonde and I’m not prone to these DUH moments but this certainly is one. Astounding thought really: My family and I would never be able to “choose” our church body that we worship with. Now let me explain, yes we make the choice to attend worship on sunday but since they pay our bills we can’t up and go when someone makes us mad. We can’t leave if we don’t get our way. And that’s such a duh moment and I’m fine with God choosing our place of worship because well I think it should be like that.

Think early Christian Church…well you don’t even have to go that far, think outside of the US. Gasp not everyone has the luxury to pass 13 churches on their way to their church. Not everyone can choose how late they want to sleep, what type of music, and if they like the pastors speaking. Many just take what they can get. Not everyone can have the most well schooled and conference attending staff. So in times of frustration I will remind myself of these truths.

In times of frustration I will remember God has us at that church for a reason. I will also persevere through tension to make the situation better. I’ve sadly watched many church members take the easy way out and switch churches. This to me is much like walking out of a marriage and then not dealing with the fall out. Watching a building be destroyed and not cleaning up the rubble. Extreme maybe? but as humans and as Christians we tend to “Church Bash” and that harms the Universal Church. I’ve been on the Big C church kick lately. See little church is where you worship. Big church is the Bride of Christ…everyone together, you know how it will be in heaven. No segregation of language, race, sex, or even age!

I’m going to write a book and have t-shirts made…Go Big C!