There’s a raging sea, right in front of me

6 Jun

Tonight I wanted to talk about raging water. I was reading a blog post earlier here. Go read it…I’ll wait…okay now that you did I really want to talk about Noah and the flood waters. I love that she says the waters didn’t rage forever one day they subsided.  Tuesday marked the 1 year anniversary of the last day we had service at our previous church. The summer brought lots of hardships and many thunderstorms. I initially thought our waters would subside when He-wood got a new job…boy was I wrong. There have been many hardships during this trial and him getting a new job hasn’t been the end of the hardship. The job loss wasn’t the flood but for me the flood has been the lack of finances. It’s so frustrating for me because the only debt we’ve ever carried was our home and for a brief time a vehicle. 

It’s so frustrating to take a new job that pays less than the previous job (2 times in a row). Most people don’t understand but when you are in God’s will it makes sense. What doesn’t make sense to me now is how we can continue on this path. Our budget doesn’t really work on paper…which is something that scares me. We’ve tried cutting everything we can but there is no possible way I can see it working. 

I wish we were on day 39 and the rain was about to stop and we could hold out for dry land. I wish I didn’t have to say no so much…I know God is saying “Yes” to something better for us but why can’t it involve ballet, daddy daughter date nights, a new baby, and a debt free adoption. 


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